When you think of a container you think of just a shipping container.  However, containers can be transformed into just about anything from a house, hotel, cafe to a medical lab or switch room.

Why Modular Containerised Solutions? 

  • The container is built to your specifications
  • It can be permanent and portable
  • Reduces carbon footprint as it is produced in one workshop
  • Can be used for a multitude of purposes for a range of industries

Here at Anglo Tasman we offer standardised packages, which start from the design phase and is followed through to manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. Modular containerised solutions come available in 10ft 20ft and 40ft standard sizes and can be used for various applications.


Here are the Five Benefits of Modular Design

  • Spatially flexible- Modular containers are adaptable to the environment that it is placed in, it can work in any number of configurations. They can be stacked without the need of additional structural design while also complimenting existing architecture.


  • Highly Secure- Modular containers offer a high level of security. The container itself is built of steel and can withstand threats ranging from vandalism and tampering to debris and wind. These containers are built offsite which allows them to be transported or shipped to highly secure locations, excluding the need for additional crews or contractors for their clearance and confidentiality requirements.


  • Custom built: By definition. The modular nature of the container allows it to be manufactured into different designs. It can be used for a variety of applications depending on a clients need or purpose.


  • Highly portable: Modular containers are extremely portable, they can be set up on any site and moved to another that has different conditions. Modular container’s can even be shipped worldwide as they are easy to transport over sea, plane or road.


  • Fast: The process of building and designing a modular container is fast as  it includes the benefits of being a design build. It results in that process being completed from design to delivery which is more cost effective.  A bonus of the modular container is it being ready for operation as soon as it reaches the site.


Our containerised modular solutions are certified designs and meet all current standards. 

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