New Zealanders know heat pumps are very popular during the cooler months of Winter, however, they also double as an air conditioner in Summer!

Did you know they can filter out allergens and pollens from the cool air that is pumped into your home?

Air conditioners provide cooling, which works the same way as heat pumps generating heat, but instead of extracting the available heat from the outside air, the unit reverses the process to extract cool air and pump it back indoors. Air conditioners filter the air that enters your home stopping pollens and allergens that can make you sick. 

It is an efficient system, although, as your heat pump ages the pipes become blocked by oil from the compressor, this results in restricted refrigerant flow, which overworks the heat pump making it less efficient and more costly.

The solution is a single installation of Cryogen X4 to remove the oil build up while coating the pipes as additional protection from corrosion. Cryogen X4 will extend the life of your unit and save money  by reducing energy consumption of the unit this Summer. It will keep your air filtered to prevent those pollens and allergens from being pumped into your house, allowing you to breathe easily and maintain a healthy home.

If you are interested in preventing allergens from entering your home, save money, and have cooler air in the Summer, get in touch with us today!

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