Is your Reefer Truck costing you more than you know?

Information about reefer trucks can be found through various search engines. It can be hard to find accurate sources about the cost effect of an inefficient reefer unit. A reefer unit that is not performing can create additional expenses affecting your bottom line. 

Have you noticed your reefer truck not performing? Seeing costs rising to get your reefer truck serviced ? Do you know about the impact of oil fouling affecting your units? 

What is oil fouling?

As discovered by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).Oil migrates from the compressor to the coils contaminating the refrigerants that transfer heat. Similar to plaque blocking arteries leading towards the heart. Compressors which need oil for lubrication don’t prevent oil fouling in the coils. The smallest amount of oil can create a film that can affect the heat transfer decreasing overall system efficiency. 

Operators of reefer trucks and fleet owners know that when their systems are not running efficiently money can be wasted. Regular services are implemented however, these services don’t account for oil fouling. This problem can have a significant influence of temperatures which can compromise client’s goods.

What can fix this problem?
CryoGen is the new product that can fix oil fouling. CryoGen nanotechnology prohibits contaminants from building up inside all types of all heating and cooling systems from a reefer truck to larger building units. CryoGen is a cost-effective alternative to replacing units or spending a significant amount on equipment repairs. CryoGen is a one-time application with results appearing for your ROI in weeks or months depending on the current cost of your energy sources, electricity, or fuel.

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