Are your heating costs through the roof?

Is your heating and cooling unit not performing?

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on renewing your heating and cooling system. Schools are a facility that need power to function. They use a significant amount of electricity to ensure that their buildings are secure, comfortable and a safe environment for students to learn. Schools have limited budgets that are spread across various areas. We have a solution that can assist schools to save and spend where it is needed for their staff and students.

Instead of schools replacing their heating and cooling systems we offer a one-off application of CRYOGEN that is injected into each unit.  Cryogen X4 cleans and lubricates the internal pipes, restoring the system to its original condition. There is no downtime of the system while installation is being conducted. Cryogen X4 has been used successfully on schools and universities around the world. For one college in America they have saved per annum $40,871, which is a monthly saving of $3,406.

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