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How to lower your heating and cooling energy costs

Everyone wants lower energy costs. Keeping usage down means constant vigilance which can be hard on anyone, especially with work and family duties needing your attention. One of the problems is not realising what uses the most electricity at home. One way is understanding how to increase the energy efficiency of your home by knowing what is costing additional spending.

In 2017 the average annual power bill in New Zealand was $2,363 or $197 a month. The two main costs are from heat pumps:
1) Heating uses 15.33% of the average home’s energy.
2) Cooling/AC uses 15.11% of the average home’s energy.

What is a solution?
CyroGen is a solution to decrease the additional cost of heating and cooling in the home environment. This product restores your heat pump by removing oil fouling from the evaporators and coils allowing air to flow freely while saving you money. It is like clearing plaque in your arteries allowing blood to flow freely. It decreases the workload of your heat pump and is a one time installation. CryoGen is eco-friendly and results in less units to be replaced or to end up in the landfill.

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