Why is Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration so important for Breweries?

Proper heating and cooling techniques, both with air and water, are critical to brewing great beer every time.
Arguably the most important aspect to proper heating and cooling for brewing comes down to assuring the hops, also known as ‘wort’, stay the right temperature and moisture levels throughout the entire conversion from hop plant to an ice-cold brew. According to experts fermentation happens best at room temperature – about 69 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If the temperature changes dramatically, which it can during the fermentation process, and brews get too hot it can form bad aromas and tastes for beer-drinkers. Proper HVAC for breweries focuses on maintaining this temperature in efficient ways. In the summer, keeping fermenter kegs cool is even tougher, and HVAC systems have to cycle more often. From there, beer must be at room temperature when stored in cans and bottles, because carbonation is then locked inside. This is important because once the beer is distributed to customers, conditions outside the can will change temperature often and significantly, but that cannot harm the quality of the beer.

This is where Cryogen X4 can be invaluable for breweries which have HVAC systems aged 5 years or older. As your system ages it reduces efficiency as oil from the compressor migrates to the internal pipes clogging them and reducing the circulation of the refrigerant. This makes the system work harder using more power resulting in larger electricity bills. Cryogen X4 can reduce the cost of running the system up to 30% with a single installation.

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