There are 12,000 dairy farms spread across New Zealand and on average, one dairy farm can spend $20,000 a year on electricity. These dairy farms account for 7% of New Zealand’s total electricity usage, the cost of electricity to produce a kilogram of milk solids contributes 15c.

Management of performance and efficiency of refrigeration systems is very crucial to monitor power consumption. A refrigeration plant is about 50-60% of the dairy and food sectors electrical consumption. The milk cooling process alone accounts for 30% of the total energy costs of operating dairy farms. Energy demand for farm operating costs can be reduced using different options.

Our product CryoGen X4 is that option! Instead of installing brand new equipment with new technology to help energy management and paying top dollar, our product can assist in restoring refrigeration HVAC units. By removing the build of oil in pipes that occur from the compressor over time allowing refrigerants to flow freely. Savings are up to 30% on your cooling systems and results in decreasing your carbon footprint. CryoGen X4 will decrease your units costs while achieving optimal equipment performance efficiency.

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