We have no way of knowing what airborne bacteria, viruses, and allergens you have in your air at home. Without fresh, clean air in your home there is a high chance that if one member of your home becomes ill then the rest will follow.

On average we breathe 14,000 litres of air every day and when the weather is cooler we often tend to migrate indoors. This results in having windows and doors closed affecting the air quality in our homes.

Heat pumps are a solution to providing clean air however it needs to be working efficiently. Over time heat pumps become less efficient due to oil migration from the compressor. The oil sticks to the inside of the pipes like plaque in an artery. This can affect the quality of air in your home.

The solution is a single installation of CryoGen X4 which removes the built up oil allowing the refrigerant to flow freely keeping you and your house healthy while increasing the systems performance. It provides a bonus of protection from corrosion while saving you money on your heat pump costs. 

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