Wine is a popular social drink especially in summer months. The craft of creating wine has developed over the centuries and has become more scientific, finding more precise cooling temperatures. Modern wine making is mixing art with science to create the ideal product.

Flavour, colour and aroma are the specific characteristics that can determine a high-quality wine. Having precise process temperature control is a critical requirement for modern winemaking as it increases volume production while maintaining the unique character of the final product.

Overall refrigeration at a winery can account for 50-70% of electric consumption. Improving the performance and efficiency of winery refrigeration is of considerable interest to wine makers and owners. Wine making is a very precise and delicate business as each individual phase requires complete control of the temperatures to achieve a high-quality wine.

Controlling the temperature is also an important factor in regard to the preservation of wine to insure that it is of optimum quality when it is distributed in the global and local market.

Our product Cryogen X4 can assist in energy savings for a winery while keeping the chillers at peak cooling performance. By removing the build of oil in pipes that migrates from the compressor. Cryogen X4  can enhance refrigerant flow allowing the chillers to work faster and more efficiently. A result from a vineyard in Australia showed they had their efficiency increased by 19.85% while also saving on their energy in the range of 10-15% for their cooling systems.

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