There are multiple ways you can achieve an Eco-home or flat these days compared to 10 years ago.

1) Saving Water
Water availability is a growing concern in the Auckland Area especially with climate change making it more important to have an awareness of water consumption.
• Keeping track of showering times can save on your water consumption.
• Using a bucket in the shower to collect water for washing your car, watering your plants and flushing the toilet.
• Measure the quantity of water coming out of your shower head. Shower heads that are efficient reduce flow to less the 91/min and still give you relaxing shower.

2) Green Cleaning
House hold cleaning products can accumulate to be a large portion of household waste. However, by making your own cleaners this can reduce the amount of packaging and save you money!
Here are our top three tips for green cleaning:
• Creating your own cleaners. All detergents, soaps and other cleaning products are easily and cheaply made at home.
• Vinegar and baking soda are the top two most beneficial cleaning products. These two ingredients with elbow grease can do wonders for cleaning around the home.
• An easy window cleaner is using white vinegar and newspaper.

3) Saving On Energy
Energy is expensive especially when 30% of New Zealand’s power comes from fossil fuels. If you can change your routine then you can start saving immediately.
• By fitting security stays to windows allows air to enter resulting in better ventilation which will help decrease moisture in the house hold.
• Limit your use of portable gas. They can release harmful gases and moisture while being one of the most expensive heating devices to run.
• Stop draughts around your doors and windows with cost effective alternatives that include door-snakes and draught stripping. Also if you have lined curtains these can assist with keeping the heat inside.
• Ensuring your heat pump is performing by checking it is not blowing cold air when it should be hot and vice-versa.

We can help with your heat pump problem with applying our product CryoGen to restore your heat pumps performance and save you up to 30% on your heat pump energy costs. Lowering your carbon footprint therefore making you wallet and the planet happy.

Our product can be used in both the commercial and residential sector, saving the cost of replacing HVAC and heat pump systems. Overall giving savings to home owners and businesses with their systems working for longer and performing better!

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