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At the inception/initiation stage of your project, there are many unknowns which can be daunting for project owners. Our team can assist you to quickly establish project requirements, establish budgets and set up processes to identify and manage the key project risks. Early control of the project initiation process will give you the confidence to develop and receive approval for the project business case.


We are able to work with our clients to establish their project requirements, identify options to deliver value in the planning, design, procurement and delivery of the projects along with highlighting any challenges from a technology, construction or planning perspective.


Our team has many years’ experience in the management and delivery and commissioning of complex engineering projects including power stations, water and waste water treatment plants, substations, mining operations, transport projects (including road and rail) including maintenance and shutdown operations.

They will work with you to develop robust budgets for your projects at project initiation stage to support your business planning, approvals and CAPEX process.


We have extensive knowledge of the New Zealand, Australian and international construction supply chains and access to innovative technologies to assist you in developing your project specifications and plans.


In order to get your project off to a flying start, robust planning processes are essential. We can help you with a wide variety of the key elements of planning a project, either providing specialist input into elements of project planning or taking full control if you wish. Our key services are identified below.


The project initiation phase of any project requires robust risk review and planning project due to the inherent uncertainties in the project scope, design and delivery at the initiation stage. We have well established risk identification, assessment and management processes to assist you in developing a robust risk register that can be updated as part of the regular project review cycle including transfer between the various stages of the project.


There are often a large number of potential options identified at project feasibility stage. We can assist you in selecting the most appropriate solution for your needs ranging from the essential to the nice to have including the potential for future development if required. Our team can quickly help you develop a business case for the preferred option(s) identified as part of the appraisal process.


We have extensive knowledge of the New Zealand and wide construction industries. Our team can provide you with bottom up detailed estimates for your projects to give you confidence in your budgets. We can also provide parallel estimates where you are working on a Target Cost (open book) basis with your construction supply chain.


Our team have worked on a wide variety of design and construct projects around the world in the power, water, transport and mining industries. We can help you manage the design process for your projects including completion of Safety in Design workshops, design co-ordination, review of proposed engineering solutions and temporary works. 


One of the key challenges in delivery of a project is managing the programme. We can establish a robust delivery programme early in the planning stages of your project which will address key issues such as option appraisal, budget preparation, business case approval, engineering solutions, procurement, construction, commissioning, optimisation and handover.


A robust initial budget for your business case with regular updates to reflect proposed scope changes, design and procurement process is vital to a successful project. Our team can help you establish and update your budget through the planning, design and procurement stages of your project to ensure that you always have a no surprises view of the likely out-turn cost of the project.


With many years’ experience of delivery experience across a broad range of construction disciplines we can review your proposed engineering solutions at an early stage to identify more efficient and better ways to deliver them. Our focus is be on simplifying construction, safety during construction and efficient operations and maintenance.


Regular review of the major project risks throughout the planning phase of the project is critical to understanding your key focus areas to ensure delivery of your project safely, on time and to the desired quality level whilst achieving best value for money. We can run regular risk review workshops for you, recognising that the planning phase is the optimum time for robust risk management processes to be embedded in the way you deliver your projects.


We have direct experience of a wide range of contract delivery models ranging from design and construct lump sum, schedule of rates through to collaborative alliance style target cost, cost reimbursable contracts. Our knowledge of contracts includes the NZS3910/6/7 suite, NEC and FIDIC amongst others. We can assist you with selection of the most appropriate contract model, taking into account the level of completeness of the design, your appetite for risk and you enthusiasm for a collaborative relationship with your delivery partners.


The tender process, particularly for large and complex projects can involve significant expense for the construction supply chain. We can advise you on the most appropriate procurement process to minimise construction risk, whilst maintaining commercial tension during the tender process so you achieve low risk, best value project delivery with your chosen partners.



A number of members of our team have approaching or in excess of 30 years’ experience in the delivery of construction projects around the world across a diverse range of engineering fields including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, water, power, transport and mining. This makes us the ideal partner to implement robust monitoring and control processes to ensure the successful delivery of your projects.


Whilst a significant proportion of our experience comes from the contracting delivery industry, we are highly familiar with a range of forms of contract, with particular emphasis on the NZS3910/6 and  NEC suite and can provide you with Engineer to Contract/Engineers Representative, or in the case of the NEC suite of contracts the Project Manager and/or Supervisor roles.


Our team includes engineering and supervisory staff with experience of all of the main strands of construction delivery including civil/structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. Each member of our team has many years’ experience in construction project supervision ranging from Foremen to Superintendents and Site Engineers to Operations Managers enabling us to provide short- or long-term support to your projects to suit your resource demands.


For larger and more complex projects we can provide construction management support. Where our clients wish to take overall delivery responsibility, for example being the key point of contact with your clients, we can manage all operational delivery of the project for you. We can also supply people at the level of Project Director with 30 years of project delivery experience to lead the whole delivery team and manage your client relationship.


A robust construction phase delivery programme is essential to effective project delivery. The baseline programme provides the project team with a key planning and delivery tool with the ability to accurately demonstrate the effect of client/consultant instigated changes resulting in Extensions of Time and associated cost recovery. Short term programmes keep the team focused on the next two to three weeks without distracting them with the detail of the overall construction programme. We use modern planning software such as MS Project and members of our team have over 20 years’ experience in project planning.


An accurate forecast cost at completion is essential for reporting (whether as a contractor, consultant or client), being used to validate funding/cashflow requirements as client or anticipated final margin as a contractor. We have a simple forecasting process that we can use to ensure you always have current knowledge of your expenditure to date and forecast at completion including the effect of any variations to scope and extensions of time granted/due


Whilst the construction process can be challenging, the key activity of complex projects including mechanical and electrical equipment is commissioning. Our team has significant experience in commissioning, and we are able to develop robust commissioning documentation including the establishment of Isolation/Lock Out/Tag Out processes to enable you to commission your projects safely and efficiently. We also drive the collation and production of handover documentation including Operations and Maintenance manuals to aid seamless handover to your final client.


Changes during the construction phase of a project can generate significant cost and time increases. We routinely develop the risk register developed as part of the planning phase of projects into a construction phase risk register. Regular monthly review of the risk register to update or further develop the key management controls for each significant risk is critical to limiting the impact on out turn cost and programme. Our team can support you to complete risk reviews as part of our overall construction support capability to delivered the desired outcome for the project.



Our experience on both sides of the negotiating table provides us with the experience to assist you in resolving final accounts for your projects. Often each party to a contract gets entrenched in their respective commercial positions, making a dispute resolution process more likely. We can provide completely independent commercial and contractual advice to assist you to achieve a fair commercial outcome for both parties to a contract.


A robust construction phase delivery programme is essential to effective project delivery. The baseline programme provides the project team with a key planning and delivery tool with the ability to accurately demonstrate the effect of client/consultant instigated changes resulting in Extensions of Time and associated cost recovery. Short term programmes keep the team focused on the next two to three weeks without distracting them with the detail of the overall construction programme. We use modern planning software such as MS Project and members of our team have over 20 years’ experience in project planning.


Many organisations prefer to hold joint workshops to discuss lessons learned and provide direct feedback on what went well and opportunities for improvement. We can provide independent facilitation services for you so that all involved parties can discuss the key aspects of your project in a safe and non-confrontational environment.


A key aspect of ensuring a long and efficient life for your assets (whether it be a road, water treatment plant, power station etc) is understanding the correct point(s) at which to deliver maintenance interventions. This understanding is key to extending the life and performance of your assets and operating at the lowest whole of life cost. During the handover phase of the project we can assist you in developing maintenance strategies that will feed into an asset management plan for each of the key elements of your asset base which will inform your maintenance team with respect to their maintenance planning.


For large, complex facilities, it is often more efficient to complete significant asset maintenance and renewals during a short term, intensive shutdown. Our team have completed shutdown planning and delivery across various industries including chemical plants, high voltage installations and wastewater treatment plants. We can provide shutdown expertise ranging from planning, procurement, sourcing of temporary shutdown teams through to managing your shutdown for you in its entirety.

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