Project & Engineering Services


At the inception/initiation stage of your project, there are many unknowns which can be daunting for project owners. Our team can assist you to quickly establish project requirements, establish budgets and set up processes to identify and manage the key project risks. Early control of the project initiation process will give you the confidence to develop and receive approval for the project business case.


We are able to work with our clients to establish their project requirements, identify options to deliver value in the planning, design, procurement and delivery of the projects along with highlighting any challenges from a technology, construction or planning perspective.


Our team has many years’ experience in the management and delivery and commissioning of complex engineering projects including power stations, water and waste water treatment plants, substations, mining operations, transport projects (including road and rail) including maintenance and shutdown operations.

They will work with you to develop robust budgets for your projects at project initiation stage to support your business planning, approvals and CAPEX process.


We have extensive knowledge of the New Zealand, Australian and international construction supply chains and access to innovative technologies to assist you in developing your project specifications and plans.

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