CRYOGEN X4 and Sustainability

Air conditioning represents an increasingly large proportion of electricity consumption in the building sector, both residential and tertiary. It is responsible for 12% of the sector’s CO2 emissions worldwide. Air conditioners also use coolants, like refrigerants, with high global warming potential when released into the atmosphere. Some of these agents are up to several thousand times more warming than CO2. These gases are not supposed to be emitted by A/C units, but leakage often occurs during manufacturing, maintenance and breakdowns.

Solution for Oil Fouling

Oil fouling is problematic for any HVAC-R system alongside refrigerators, chillers, rooftop units and split systems. It follows the similar structure to how plaque can form in arteries which can hinder the flow of blood. The oil fouling is the same as it sticks to the inner walls and accumulates. It restricts flow of cool air making the unit work harder causing further problems. It can cost the businesses a significant amount due to energy being wasted. Oil fouling is also known as “Thermal Degradation.” This can occur in all HVAC systems.

Oil fouling can get worse over time for example if a cooling unit is 5 years old it has already lost approximately 17% of its energy efficiency. Which results in the unit working harder and then paying extra not making the unit cost effective, however the Cryogen X4 can assist in this problem encouraging savings.



Cryogen X4 TTT (Thermal Transfer Technology) is a 4th generation refrigerant technology that has been proven over two decades and thousands of installations worldwide to nearly eliminate the substantial energy losses in HVAC equipment attributable to oil fouling.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) determined years ago that HVAC units lose efficiency over time due to the oil fouling that accumulates in evaporator and cooling coils. Cryogen X-4 works to remove that fouling and immediately improve the kw/ton rating in any unit treated to a rating at or very near what it was when new. This results in saving of 10-30% off the current HVAC energy bill.

Cryogen X4 -ACT(Active Coil Technology) is used on the exterior part of the coils which can become polluted with various microbes sticking to the outside including pollen and dust. Therefore, making the machine work harder and using more energy. It is specifically used to activate and clean coils on the exterior of HVAC systems. The ‘activator’ enhances the heat transfer rate through a protective layer of highly conductive molecular compositions.

This product is safe and easy to use, having bio-degradable properties it can be applied at routine maintenance periods on outside metal surfaces.

By combining both products this will protect the machinery inside and out creating cost saving solutions and increasing the overall performance.



  • Routine servicing and maintenance are crucial for the operation and longevity of the units, but that alone does not restore the lost capacity inherent with all HVAC-R systems.
  • As HVAC-R systems stay in service, their efficiency and capacity drops, driving up the costs to operate them.
  • As the efficiency continues to drop, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) start to push clients to replace aging equipment prematurely.
  • The return on investment for new HVAC-R equipment is extremely long if there is a positive ROI at all. Cryogen X4 breaks & extends this cycle at a fraction of the price.


  • Data Centres
  • Rooftop units
  • Chiller Plants
  • Reefer Systems
  • Refrigeration
  • Residential property

Cryogen has a presence over 6 continents and has been used by some very high- profile companies ranging from the telecommunication sector through to well-known wineries amongst others.


Is quick and simple process carried out by one of our certified installers ensuring no downtime of equipment or interruption to operations. Cryogen X4 is compatible with all prevalent refrigerants. Most facilities can be completed within a day.

Roof Hvac  system


  • Cryogen X4-TTT is a one-time installation with no downtime or interruption to operations.
  • Once embedded in the system it is there for life of the system. Oil fouling cannot re-occur.
  • Technology has had zero equipment failures re-coded to date.
  • It restores and enhances performance of HVAC-R units.
  • Increased efficiency allows room set temperatures to be reached faster.
  • Energy savings at the unit of 10-30%.
  • Decreases sound pollution of the machine.
  • Less runtime leads to reduced maintenance costs of 15-20%.
  • Increased system longevity of 17-22%.
  • Less systems to landfill.
  • Purchase and Installation of new HVAC-R units is an extremely costly exercise.
  • Cryogen X4- ACT can be used during regular maintenance intervals to enhance performance.
  • Return on investment with CryogenX4 is estimated for < 2 years.
Safety data sheets available upon request. If you have further queries, please contact our team.


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