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What is Cryogen X4? 

Cryogen X4 this is a Nanotechnology oil-based solution that is added to air conditioners refrigerant lines, it frees clogged oil back into circulation and restores AC efficiency. It is specifically designed to restore and enhance the performance of any Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration system without modification or alteration. It will not void your manufacturer warranty or harm your system in any way. In fact, older systems with significant amounts of thickened oil show the most noticeable improvements. 


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How does Cryogen X4 work?

Cryogen X4 attaches to the metal surfaces in your air conditioners refrigerant system and form a permanent protective layer. This prevents future oil fouling, increases the Energy Efficiency Ratio and Coefficient of Performance. This lowers the compressor’s load, lowers your electricity bill and increases the life of your machinery. 


                                                                                   Cryogen X4 and Oil Fouling

Oil fouling is problematic for any HVAC-R system alongside refrigerators, chillers, rooftop units and spilt systems. It follows the similar structure to plaque forming in arteries which can hinder the flow of blood. Oil fouling is the same as it sticks to the inner walls and accumulates. It restricts the heat transfer from refrigerant to air making the unit work harder causing further problems. It can cost businesses a significant amount due to energy being wasted.

Oil fouling, also known as “Thermal Degradation”. can occur in all HVAC systems and gets worse with time. If we were to look at a 5-year-old cooling unit as an example it will have lost approximately 17% of its energy efficiency. The result is the unit works longer, harder, and becomes less cost-effective. CryoGenX4 assists by displacing oil deposits permanently enhancing heat transfer, increasing lubricity, and lowering energy consumption at the unit along with the cost to run.


 A quick and simple process carried out by one of our certified installers ensuring no downtime of equipment or interruption to operations. CryoGen X4 is compatible with all prevalent refrigerants with most facilities being completed within a day. A single installation is all that is needed for the lifetime of your equipment.


  • Energy savings at the unit of 10-30%
  • Increase unit performance
  • Reduced carbon footprint with less units going to landfill
  • Return on investment with CryoGen X4 is estimated for < 2 years
  • Optimises room set temperatures
  • Increased system longevity of 17-22%
  • Non toxic  & Environmentally friendly

Safety data sheets available upon request.

If you have further queries, please contact our team.

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