Engineering and Project Services



Our experience on both sides of the negotiating table provides us with the experience to assist you in resolving final accounts for your projects. Often each party to a contract gets entrenched in their respective commercial positions, making a dispute resolution process more likely. We can provide completely independent commercial and contractual advice to assist you to achieve a fair commercial outcome for both parties to a contract.


A robust construction phase delivery programme is essential to effective project delivery. The baseline programme provides the project team with a key planning and delivery tool with the ability to accurately demonstrate the effect of client/consultant instigated changes resulting in Extensions of Time and associated cost recovery. Short term programmes keep the team focused on the next two to three weeks without distracting them with the detail of the overall construction programme. We use modern planning software such as MS Project and members of our team have over 20 years’ experience in project planning.


Many organisations prefer to hold joint workshops to discuss lessons learned and provide direct feedback on what went well and opportunities for improvement. We can provide independent facilitation services for you so that all involved parties can discuss the key aspects of your project in a safe and non-confrontational environment.


A key aspect of ensuring a long and efficient life for your assets (whether it be a road, water treatment plant, power station etc) is understanding the correct point(s) at which to deliver maintenance interventions. This understanding is key to extending the life and performance of your assets and operating at the lowest whole of life cost. During the handover phase of the project we can assist you in developing maintenance strategies that will feed into an asset management plan for each of the key elements of your asset base which will inform your maintenance team with respect to their maintenance planning.


For large, complex facilities, it is often more efficient to complete significant asset maintenance and renewals during a short term, intensive shutdown. Our team have completed shutdown planning and delivery across various industries including chemical plants, high voltage installations and wastewater treatment plants. We can provide shutdown expertise ranging from planning, procurement, sourcing of temporary shutdown teams through to managing your shutdown for you in its entirety.

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