Supermarkets can be a difficult area to maintain efficient cooling and heating. If you are a supermarket owner, have you noticed an increase in power bills and uneven temperatures? The problem may be oil fouling in your HVAC system. Supermarkets need their cooling and heating systems working at peak performance to keep produce fresh and their customers comfortable.
It is a daily cost for supermarkets trying to keep areas at the right temperature. From the cold cases and hot ovens to the deli and the front doors being opened and closed regularly. Most supermarkets must replace their systems due to being overworked and not performing as they need them to.

Cryogen X4 can help! Instead of installing a fan system or a new HVAC unit our product can assist in the restoration of HVAC unit pipes by removing the build up of oil from the compressor allowing the refrigerant to flow freely. Savings are up to 30% and results in less systems to landfill. Our product will decrease power bill costs while achieving the desired heating an cooling results.
One of our results from an installation at a supermarket had an improvement of 35.2% with their energy performance. In the beginning months they acquired a saving of $456.75 per month since then they have continued to save.

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