Sustainability Goals for your Business

Environmentally sustainable businesses are often more efficient and have lower operational costs than those who aren’t. They also tend to achieve a better bottom line, all while protecting New Zealand’s natural environment for future generations.
There are multiple ways to make a change for your business and the environment. 

Reduce on your printing and ink costs by using paperless methods and double siding on documents when printing. Try to use black and white where possible instead of colour. Be wary of what you laminate remembering it is hard to breakdown in landfill. 

Move away from plastic cutlery , cups and plates and reuse kitchen items. Apply the same concept to bathrooms with reusing soap dispensers and drying methods. for example hand towels and air dryers to save on costs and the planet. 

-Where possible recycle cardboard and other materials correctly as this can have a significant impact on landfill where items that are thrown take longer to break down.
-Think outside the box for Transport and Travel
-Try to carpool with a staff member where possible
-Utilise public transport or use a bike
-Video conference for meetings

Water waste:
Check your office toilets and taps to ensure there is no leakage. Leaks are among the biggest water wasters. If your premises have a water meter, check all taps are off overnight and no machines are using water. If the meter reading changes overnight, there could be a leak. If you can’t access your water meter, ask your landlord.

Energy use and Power:

Most New Zealand businesses can save 20% on their energy bills with a few simple changes. Cutting down energy use also reduces pollution.

Here are some simple steps to reduce your energy use:
• Check your building is properly sealed and insulated.
• Ensure all heating and air conditioning are properly tuned.
• Choose the highest efficiency light bulbs, appliances, and equipment.
• Turn all appliances off when they’re not in use.
• Minimise the use of hot water where you can.

You can also implement our product Cryogen X4 and save up to 30% of your running costs for your energy use. Cryogen X4 is injected into HVAC-R equipment where it prolongs the lifespan of the system and improves lubrication of all internal metallic surfaces. Cryogen X4 creates greater refrigerant flow and increases system efficiency. The increase in unit performance and efficiency leads to a reduction in carbon footprint because less heat pump or refrigeration units are sent to landfill. By using Cryogen X4 to efficiently heat and cool your business, you will save on your overhead costs and look after the environment.

Sustainable Suppliers:
Choose products and services for your business that show a commitment to sustainability whenever you can. Certification schemes are a good way to do this where they have high standards that are independently verified. An example is choosing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and cardboard helps support better forest management. Choosing Fairtrade products helps support workers’ rights and small producers in local communities.

Get in touch with us today to implement Cryogen X4 into your business and meet your sustainability goals for 2020! Call 09-950-8811 or  email [email protected]

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