The first thing to understand is that a boat air conditioner removes the ambient heat from your cabin instead of cooling it. That concept rests with its design. There are three primary components to the system:
• Condenser
• Evaporator
• Compressor

The evaporator collects the warm cabin air via the return. The refrigerant within it removes the heat. The compressor is the business end of the unit and keeps air circulating through the air conditioner. The condenser then cools the airflow and sends it back to the evaporator. A fan pumps the cooled air back into the cabin. Collectively, the fan and vents are called air handlers.

Unfortunately, when you find out there’s a problem with your AC it is usually the worst time. Airflow is often a culprit. That’s why you must clean the air filter of the unit at least once a month or whenever it seems less than capacity. Make sure the area around the returns is clear too. Debris and buildup on the condenser or coils can also impede airflow. Those are the simple fixes.

Oil fouling is another problem which is more difficult to correct. This happens when oil migrates from the compressor and builds up around the internal pipes clogging them like plaque does in our arteries. This becomes a problem in systems which are a few years old, as this persists it will mean the system has to work harder to cool, thereby using more fuel and being less efficient.

The solution is Cryogen X4. With a single installation, you will see up to a 30% reduction in cost to run the system. Also the system will work more efficiently and will last for as long as the systems life.

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