Although we have no control over Covid-19, we can control our energy consumption and the costs of powering our own homes, businesses, and automobiles. What we do today can place less of a workload on our energy grids and power bills.

Majority of definitions explain energy efficiency to be “using less energy to provide the same service”. This is where our product CryoGen represents this definition. While working from home in lockdown, your heat pump is probably working for longer than usual. Which can result in your heat pump using more energy from the power grid to keep you comfortable. CryoGen decreases the workload while enhancing cooling and heating to your home or business environment saving you money.

Why is it important? Energy is vital. Our entire standard of living is attributable in large measure to our increasingly more complex use of energy. Energy efficiency is the cheapest and most plentiful form of new energy out there. Why not add CryoGen to your heat pump to be more energy efficient with a one time installation.

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