Four most common heat pump problems and how to fix them fast 

1) It just won’t turn on and stops!
What to do when your heat pump won’t turn on or just stops? This can be very stressful especially when you are trying to heat or cool your home. It usually is something that is simple for example changing the batteries. Otherwise check that your heat pump is receiving power. This can be done by checking the mains power in your house.

2) It makes strange noises
If your heat pump is making weird noises and sounds like it its talking to you then it could be a screw that may have come loose. One of the most common causes of your heat pump making weird noises are the vents that have shut or there are loose parts.

3) It doesn’t respond to the remote
As we like to immediately press lots of buttons on the remote all at once this doesn’t necessarily help, most of the time it can take the heat pump a little time to wake up, otherwise check the batteries as these may be the problem.

4) No heat at all
You notice that the heat pump is blowing air but it is not hot, costing you more on your power bill! Usually people say that you need to replace your filters, which is a common solve. However this can also be due to a build up of oil that has lined the pipes inside of the heat pump unit like plaque in the arties. This can be fixed with the product CryoGen which removes the oil build up allowing the refrigerant to flow freely.
We do recommend having your heat pump system cleaned and checked by a professional at least once a year.
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