Cooler systems deliver healthier food due to keeping temperatures maintained to stop any microbes from growing on food items.There are many types of food processing plants. The processing facilities for every food item are different. However, all food items have some basic features that remain the same.
Did you know the atmosphere in which the food products are kept must be clean and a proper temperature should be maintained. This will not only keep the food healthy and safe, for consumption, but it will also have control over the spread of bacteria and similar contaminants.

The fundamental requirement of any food production unit is to have a properly cool and clean processing room. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems are the most critical control points in the overall management of the food processing plants and must be maintained as per the guidelines. Having an efficient system knocks out any airborne pathogens, allergens, and other potentially harmful components. Hence, having a properly maintained and controlled system is a basic requirement.

As the HVAC system ages, oil from the compressor builds up internally reducing the refrigerant flow and overall performance. Our product Cryogen X4 will restore the efficiency of your HVAC system while reducing the running costs by up to 30%. It is a single application that requires no downtime allowing production to continue.

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